Custom Car Clip Art Site is Now Live!

Vector Car Clip Art

If you’ve been paying attention to my (embarrassingly sporadic) posts, you’ll remember that I mentioned awhile back that I was working on a website featuring my automotive clip art. Well, I am now pleased to announce that it is here: Thanks to the magnificence of WordPress, LiquidWeb’s hosting, and awesome plugins like Easy Digital […]

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Horsepower & Heels Pin-Up T-Shirt

When Erica Ortiz from Horsepower & Heels racing contacted me to do a pin-up design for her, I was stoked. Yes, I am a huge fan of motorsports, but I have to admit that I’m biased towards my female compatriots. Any woman who has the guts to rocket a twin turbo V8 Thunderbird down the […]

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Tipton SPDES 2012 Car Show T-Shirt

The more vector car t-shirt art that I create, the more I enjoy it. I think that it forces me to be a bit more creative, yet think about those little details that make a good car t-shirt ‘pop’ for me. Namely a clean background, and vehicles that look freshly waxed and ‘wet’! Nothing like […]

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