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Gratuitous Artist Statement:

Kristina Albrecht’s love affair with art started at an early age, when she’d spend hours drawing dragons and castles and funky vehicles with her Dad’s french curve set that he had for architectural drafting. She’s a combination of her mother’s flowy artistic and creative talent and her father’s mathematically-inclined structural engineer brain. The perfect mixture for an automotive artist and Car Chick.

Her love affair with The Car started in High School, where she discovered the art of Dave Deal and the greats in an old CarToons magazine, and became immersed in the scene after joining a truck club shortly thereafter. Her doodles of fellow friend’s hot rides led to a published rendering in Mini Truckin’ Magazine, and soon she was designing wild paint jobs and creating renderings for many automotive aftermarket companies.

Kristina is self-taught, and she feels that because of this she’s not stuck in her ways but more flexible to experiment with new methods or techniques that can augment her skill-set. She has been inspired through the years by many different artists, including: Patrick Nagel, Tom Fritz, Chip Foose, Camilo Pardo, Coop, Steve Stanford, and Greg Tedder.

Kristina has over 20 years of experience in her field, working not only as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, but also for companies like Hot Wheels Collectibles, Jada Toys, Maisto, and Johnny Lightning. Her automotive renderings have been published in many industry magazines, including: Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, SEMA News, Truckin’ Magazine, StreetTrucks, and 5.0 Mustang.

She can help you with many different design projects, including:

  • Car & Event T-Shirts – Spot Separations included
  • Screenprinted Apparel Design – Corporate wear, edgy graphics, kids’ shirts, apparel lines
  • Graphic Design – Logos, websites, print media, advertisements, posters, business cards, and other collateral
  • Illustration – Mascots, pinups, mythical creatures, tattoos, soccer team banners
  • Packaging Design – From die cast to helmets to plumbing equipment, whatever you need!
  • Vehicle and Sign Graphics – Full wrap, plotter cut, or paint
  • Murals for Your Home or Office

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  1. Hello Kristina,
    I wrote you an email… Aloha Von Artist! I live in Temecula & am quit involved in the community & I think your shirts would sell well @ the show. Are you going to be selling any there? I’m not sure where you’re @ but, maybe if not this year (if it’s too late) maybe next year I can sell them for you here?
    My dad was a famous artist & I grew up in the industry (Laguna Beach, ca.) my entire life however, I have inherited zero artistic skills from him:(, You however Kristina… are an amazing artist!!!
    I’d love to talk with you about this if you’re interested. You may reach me @ 619-889-1978.

    Thank you for your visual gift,
    Much Aloha,

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