And now for something completely different… Hello Finky!

This was my donation to the 2012 Vintage Torque Fest ‘Rat Fink’ auction. These 2 foot tall, blank, tin Rat Fink signs were sent out to us lucky artists to ‘kustomize’ how we see fit. The signs were returned to John Wells, the head honcho behind the Vintage Torque Fest, and they were auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Hannah Wells Medical Trust for cogenital heart defects, also knows as

Being that I have two girls of my own, I just had to pitch in to help out. And also being strongly influenced by these two silly monsters, the first girly thing I thought of was: Hello Kitty. That mouthless icon of JDM-Cuteness. My 10 year old was delighted when I showed her my sketch.

Over the course of spring break, we spent a few days painting Ms.Fink and watching HGTV – she loves International House Hunters, I like ones where they ‘crash’ renovate peoples’ homes (I know it’s staged, but still, it gives me ideas). I painted the sign with a combination of art acrylics, hot pink craft paint, Martha Stewart’s line of  pink ‘glitter’ interior paint (for those of you who have a princess demanding a room renovation, this is your paint), and then metallic gold and black 1-Shot.

Unfortunately I don’t have any decent in-progess shots, so here’s a few of the finished piece, and then in the lineup at Torquefest.

Hello Finky is up for auction right now on the Vintage Torque Fest Facebook Page! She’s up to $50 already, but you can help push that up a bit, and all money goes right to the medical trust! 

UPDATE! Hello Finky was auctioned off and raised $125! Thank you to those who bid on her, and congratulations to the ‘winner’! I can’t wait to start on the newest project for this year’s Vintage Torque Fest!


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