Hot Rod School Bus T-Shirt Design

You’ll never be late for school in this bus!!

I have a very cool (and very PATIENT) client that I’d created art for in the past who had a new idea – an ‘Old School’ Hot Rod School Bus t-shirt design that he could sell at local shows and online.

Well heck, I love ‘tooning cars, so I said sure! He sent me a lot of reference to start with, and after a bit of back and forth I was given the OK to take it into vector artwork. He also had a great idea for the back of the shirt – the rear shot of that same hot rod bus – so this shirt got a full front-and-back screen print treatment.

I had them printed at my day job at J.Carroll Screen Printing and Embroidery, where we can handle big-color jobs like this with ease! These Ts were shipped all the way across the country, but my client was comforted that I could make sure they came off the press looking just how I wanted them. The best part of my job is to see a project through to completion – seeing my art roll off the end of the dryer is pretty damn cool!!

These shirts are now for sale, but in limited quantities so act fast!

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