I live in a small town on the Central Coast of California. Just across the estuary is another small town called Morro Bay, which is famous for it’s Big Ass Rock. Morro Rock is actually an ancient volcanic plug, which is part of the Nine Sisters here in San Luis Obispo county.

Ok enough geology – on to the good stuff. Morro Bay has it’s own Police Department, which diligently keeps the tourists from speeding (ok well they hardly ever do, because ‘ooooooh loook the oooocean!’… ‘oh isn’t this just so quaint’!) and the locals from fishing drinking too much.

My Favorite Local Screenprinters – 3INK – referred the MBPD to me to design a shirt they’d sell at fundraisers. They wanted a police cruiser on it – specifically one of their new Dodge Chargers –  and they wanted it bitchin’. So, I obliged.

Morro Bay Police Dept t-shirt

I kept this one to 4 colors to keep their printing costs down and to maximize their ROI (wow that was a markety-type schpiel there). Awhile back I ventured into 3INK to talk to the guys about another project, and they had a printed shirt up on their ‘brag board’ – please excuse the crappy cell phone pic, my phone’s a dinosaur.

Thanks for looking, and drive reckless and with abandon safe!

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