Flashback Friday – Ford Focus SVT Wagon

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to build SEMA project vehicles. Ok well by build I mean ‘consult intensively on with my ex-husband’. It was a fun, time consuming, debt-building, painful process, but the thing that made it all worth it was the reaction from the hardcore enthusiasts: The ‘Focus’ crowd. Back then I was heavily involved with FocalJet.com  and that entire community, and it was so much fun to bring ideas like this to life.

This wagon started as a ‘unicorn’ – a bone stock, fleet-car-white, Focus Wagon SE, blessed from birth with the potent 2.3 Liter Duratec mated with a FIVE SPEED TRANSMISSION. Let me repeat – a 5-SPEED. Only something like 5% of ALL production Foci wagons received this drivetrain. Luckily a friend-who-happened-to-be-the-fleet-manager at Barber Ford in Ventura (now Ford of Ventura) specifically ordered this combination, because he knew that someone (like ME) would appreciate it!

We took delivery of this car in the early spring of 2004 and by SEMA that fall it was completely re-done.

Some features:

  • Custom BASF ‘SVT Orange’ Paint
  • SVT Focus “Euro” package wheels and Cooper Tires
  • Cosworth Duratec Intake and Tuning upgrades
  • Ford SVT Focus Body Styling kit, including a custom rear valance massaged to work with the stock wagon fascia
  • Baer 13″ front brakes, SVT Focus Rear brakes
  • KW Springs and Dampers, Progress rear sway bar
  • European Ford Focus Wagon taillamps
  • Borla Exhaust
  • Full custom interior featuring Alcantarra suede used on SVT Lightning F150s

This car was a daily driver, she was no trailer queen. She even saw about 200 miles over a fun-filled weekend at Buttonwillow where I got my first taste of road racing. (would like to do that again, if anyone cares to sponsor my Pontiac G8 GT with tires, gas, brakes, a 6speed swap… etc ;) )

Keep in mind, this build is now 10 years old. It makes me very very sad that Ford won’t bring a Focus ST wagon to the US – hell I would be the first in line to purchase that car. But no, we get a 5-door ‘hatchback’. So, I keep my G8, think about getting a truck, and daydream about road racing.

Thanks for looking,

Here are some photos of the CosWagon.

Rendering by Yours Truly, of course.

This über beauty shot is courtesy of the venerable E. John Thawley III

Cosworth Stage 1 & 2 Upgrades, including that lovely intake manifold… nom nom.


Another beauty shot by the venerable E. John Thawley III


Yes that is me driving at Buttonwillow! Wheeee! Photo by Greg Acosta.


That CosWagon’s booty shot also by John Thawley

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