Horsepower & Heels Pin-Up T-Shirt

When Erica Ortiz from Horsepower & Heels racing contacted me to do a pin-up design for her, I was stoked. Yes, I am a huge fan of motorsports, but I have to admit that I’m biased towards my female compatriots. Any woman who has the guts to rocket a twin turbo V8 Thunderbird down the 1/4 mile at over 200mph is worthy in my book.

Erica and I went through a few initial comps, and then decided on this buxom brunette perched on the hood of her new Mustang race car. Note the turbos peeking out behind her – this car is going to be Serious Business.

What? You want one for yourself? Then you better click here and place your order. All extra funds go towards supporting her race team and the new car’s build-up. Versions are available for women (ie: contain pink) and men (ie: do not contain pink).

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