I love nerdy cars…

You know, the outcasts, the vehicles you tend to completely ignore, or even laugh at. The ones with the odd lines, too many doors, wrong demographic… cars that will never be accepted and loved like the Shoebox Chevys or the Honda Civic Hatchback.

To that I say: “Fine with me! I’ll take them in!” (kind of like a stray cat, that’s skitterish at first but then warms up to you with a little love and a bowl of food). Unfortunately my budget doesn’t permit me to ‘rescue’ as many vehicles or cats as I’d like to, so I make up for it by drawing them. Well the cars, not the cats. (I think I’d really have a problem if all I did was draw cats… my husband often mumbles too often about me speaking in gibberish and throwing cats at people, but I digress….)

In this month’s Popular Hot Rodding you’ll find such a stray creature – the lowly 1978 Caprice Classic 2-door. What started out as an older couples’ daily driver to the country club for golf and highballs and the occasional trip to visit the in-laws is completely transformed into something a bit more bad ass.

Look: I was nice and scanned the article for you! It’s on page 81 of the June 2011 issue, in case you were wondering. Turns out I was incorrect about the dropped spindles, but that’s nothing a custom set of tubular front A-arms and KW Variant 3 coilovers couldn’t fix right up.

Here are a few past geek sessions that I’ve had as well, just to prove this is truly a sickness, and not just a passing phase. These two were in Truckin’ Magazine a few years back.

While on a tour of Europe a lonely Ford Courier meets a sexy WRC Duratec Focus, they fall in love, and create this little monster:

[singlepic id=132 w=640]

A 1960s Dodge Motorhome meets a new Ram Dually with a Cummins Turbodiesel at The Roadrunner in Parker, Arizona. Sparks fly, that night they go up to Laughlin and get hitched, and we get this about 9 months later:

[singlepic id=133 w=640]

There will be more geekery to come, I guarantee it. If you’d like to see your baby in all it’s glory, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll make your oddball into a much more bad-ass version!

Thanks for looking!
– Kristina

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