Not quite a Car T-Shirt, but almost…

Ever since my days of watching Emergency! as a kid I’ve been fascinated by fire trucks and rescue vehicles.Something about a large, loud, shiny red truck with lots of chrome and gadgets on it really appealed to the blooming Car Girl in me.

I actually did take some fire science classes in my junior college days, and loved them, but ended up going in a more creative direction (obviously). Of course I wanted to be an Engineer (the person who gets to drive the truck!). Some of the bigger CalFire offroad-capable trucks I see around here on the Central Coast are pretty cool too (cue: Transformers hehe).

Earlier this year I had the chance to do a multi-color ‘car t-shirt’ for a company that sells and builds rescue vehicles: Life Star Rescue. They offer anything from a custom fitted SUV to a full-on fire truck (‘Rescue Vehicle’). For those of you who want to add the shirt to your collection of car t-shirts, you can order your own here.

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