Pin Up Art for Artisan Ice Girls

Pin up art is something that crosses all demographics – you don’t have to be a ‘car guy’ to admire the beauty of the female form. I think a lot of the resurgence of the classic pin-up and that lifestyle has been fueled by the kustom and rockabilly scene, but it’s also become very popular with many (gasp) non-car enthusiasts.

Recently after creating and posting the pin up art for 909 Speedshop, I was approached by another fan of the genre to create art for his company. Car stuff? Nope! He’s a master ice carver! After some great guidance by him, and some inspiration I found online, I created this beautiful redhead (guys must like the redheads!) for his upcoming line if posters and apparel called Artisan Ice Girls.

Look for this new beauty to be available for sale soon – along with a few others!

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