Pin-Up Illustration and Logo Package for Calumet Guitars

First off – let me say that I’m no musician, but I sure do appreciate music. When Derek Wentworth from Calumet Guitars contacted me about creating a logo package for his line of custom made, vintage-inspired beauties, I was intrigued. Of course I check out his website, and find this photo – almost makes me wish I would have paid more attention to the antics of my crazy band-geek friends back in the day (ok well I still would have gravitated towards art but at least I could pick up a guitar and strum a few chords)

calumet guitars

My guidelines: Illustrate a pin-up loosely based on Rosie the Riveter, combined with some Chicago-Red-Star-Sass and a Vintage Vibe that would meld with his beautiful creations. After some sketches and mock-ups back and forth, we settled on a package to be used for various purposes: A ‘standing’ version of his pin-up for t-shirts and the like, a waist-up version of his pin-up for website/social media/etc, a ‘badge’ version of his logo and an ‘inline’ version of his logo for web, social media, decals, fret boards… you get the idea.

Here are images of parts of the final logo package. Each version was created in vector artwork as full color, simple color, and single color for light and dark surfaces. Concepts were sketched using Photoshop, final artwork created using Illustrator in spot colors, ready for screen print.

calumet inline fancy-02 calumet-single-color calumet badge fancy-01 calumet badge simple Print calumet-pin-up-fancy-02

I mean, LOOK AT THIS! Chrome! Paint! Inlay! Rockin’ vintage-inspired logo! (see what I did there?)

Holy moly, these guitars really are gorgeous (my husband, who is a ‘hobbyist’ guitar player/music geek sighs longingly at guitar photos like these).


As usual, thanks for looking!

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