Big Rig Tow Truck Cartoon for Parkway Wrecker

Recently I was contacted by Parkway Wrecker in Tallahassee, Florida, to see if they could purchase my Big Tow artwork for use on their business cards.

My Big Tow art is one of my most popular designs – and also the most ‘ripped off’. Luckily I’ve been able to call out most of those right-click-save-as-I-found-it-on-the-internet types, thanks to the wonders of social media and belonging to a large network of Car Artists who look out for each other.

SO when Parkway contacted me, I replied saying not only is it for sale, but since they asked to purchase it, I’d be more than happy to change the look of Big Tow to match their trucks’ bright livery, and lay out a business card for them.

Here’s the livery of the fleet – pretty cool, huh?
parkway wrecker big rig tow
Here’s the business card featuring the Big Rig Tow Truck Cartoon art that I modified for them:

That turned into a conversation about getting artwork for a t-shirt, and I offered to create one for them that was color separated and ready to go. The back is using spot color channels in Photoshop, and the front left chest art is vector artwork.

parkway-big-rig-tow-truck-detail parkway-big-rig-tow-truck-t-shirt parkway-wrecker-left-chest-on-black parkway-wrecker-left-chest-on-white
Now I bet you’re wondering if you can get this Big Rig Tow Truck clip art for your own business, or for a client? Well look no further: Big Rig Tow Truck Clip Art on

In the future I plan on making a vector version of the Big Tow, but for now a high resolution version can be yours for ONLY $30! (No more excuses for the people out there who decide to rip me off! – and believe me, I’ll find you, I most always do!)

Thanks for looking,

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