Edwards Drive-In Spooktacular Car Show T-Shirt

Last year I was contacted by the purveyor of tenderoloiny-sandwich-goodness to create a new car show t-shirt design for the Edward’s Drive-In Spooktacular Car Show. Being quite the hermit, I had to research a bit about these guys, I guess Man vs. Food paid them a visit, and noms were had (and enjoyed) (hungry yet?).

They requested a new design for their Halloween-themed car show t-shirts, and wouldn’t you know it, I had just the perfect sketch to go off of – I had scratched this out a few years ago, but never ended up going anywhere with it.

10712943_830521930322077_6960881598757987085_nI sent that off with some notes about where I’d like to go with it, and my ideas were approved.

Let me note that I adore Halloween, and Halloween themed events, and the fact that Disneyland transforms The Haunted Mansion into a paradise of The Nightmare Before Christmas that time of year... yeah I get a bit enthusiastic for Halloween themed artwork.

Here is the final design for the 2014 Edward’s Drive In Spooktacular car show t-shirt design. All vector artwork created for printing on black t-shirts. Check out that tenderloin! ;)


Thanks for looking!

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