Car Show T-Shirts with a Limited Palette

Ah, the ubiquitous Car Show T-Shirt.

This time of year it’s the mainstay of the car guy’s weekend wardrobe (or daily, if everyday is Casual Friday). I enjoy the challenge of creating these designs, from the initial layout to the final separations. However, sometimes the show promoters or clients don’t have the budget for a super-fancy 8-10 color design. This is when it gets really challenging! When I’m limited to 3 or 4 colors, I have to rethink my entire layout and how I’ll integrate those colors in the logos, cars, and background.


And couple other examples, not car show t-shirts, but ‘car t-shirts’ nonetheless:

This one uses black, gray, red, and blue. A great combo for this fundraiser t-shirt for the Morro Bay Police Department. (see my previous post about it here)

Dodge Charger Police Car T-Shirt


In the next week I’ve got a few designs to post that will show the limited palette combined with vector art (Illustrator art). Stay tuned & thanks for looking!

– Kristina

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  1. This is basically what I have to deal with everyday at work. Customers want the look of an 8 color job, but only want to pay for 2 or 3 colors. Anyone can use 8-10 colors and make it look good, but with the right talent, one can make 3-4 colors look just a good, if not better, if done correctly. Your work speaks volumes on limited pallet usage, good job!