New Pin-Up T-Shirt Art

Being heavily into cars for quite some time now, I’ve become used to the fact that Cars + Women = The Standard Equation for most of the automotive industry.

For instance – take a look back at industry auto shows leading back to the very beginning of mass-produced automobiles, and you’ll see a pretty woman standing on the (possibly spinning) podium, microphone in hand, extolling the virtues of the burgundy Corinthian leather within. I remember the bikini contests at the old California Truck Jamborees – girls with giant hair, florescent bikinis, white heels, cavorting on stage to Motley Crüe. And let’s not forget the SEMA Show booth hoochies…

A recent trend is the rebirth of the classic pin-up girl, which I find refreshing. Women of all body types; with the right wardrobe, hair, and make-up, can become glamorous just like the famous beauties of yesteryear.

One website that I follow on Facebook and Twitter – – takes ‘ordinary’ women and transforms them into, well, Delicious Dames! They’ve got a great crew that artfully combine hair & makeup, wardrobe, props, and photography into calendar-worthy pin-up photos. (This is on my bucket list, btw.) I also love checking out sites like The Rebel Pin-Up Page  for artistic inspiration.

I’ve always secretly wanted to try my hand at pin-up art, and when a recent client asked if I would stray from my typical car-tshirt  and design a logo for his hard cider company, I was more than happy to oblige, as I mentioned in this previous post.

Recently I was contacted by another client, looking for some pin-up art for his newly formed business that caters to the traditional hot rodder, Nine-0-Nine Speed Shop. After our initial consultation and the resulting sketch and color comps, he decided on this beauty:

A busty red-head, riding a bomb! What’s more retro and sexy than that? My guy friends freaked out and clamored to get their orders in for shirts, work shirts, and hoodies. (funny thing is that a lot of my guys drive compact hatchbacks – but they’re still diehard Car Guys! <3 )

So today I get home, and what’s on my doorstep? A package  from Louisiana! I admit that I squealed and did a happy dance. Inside were my new hoodie and Dickies work shirt. I also got some extra lovin’ in the form of stickers, a cool screen printed mirror panel, and a shop rag. If you want them for yourself you can order here. Better than Christmas!

A closeup of the print (done by the awesome folks at

Since then I’ve been contacted about another pin-up job, which I can’t wait to get started on! Drawing sexy, powerful women is a great change from my typical stuff, and seems to go over just as well.

Thanks for looking!

– Kristina

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