Mazdaspeed Car-Toon

Car-Toons – remember that magazine? I discovered it back in my senior year of High School, when I was well on my way to being a car-chick. My school notes were littered with Dave Deal (R.I.P.) styled ‘toons of how I envisioned my 1985 Toyota truck would look if it were ripping across the desert a’la Ivan the Ironman.

These days, when I get a chance to ‘toon’ a vehicle (like the Big Tow I did) it brings back those happy memories, and the design just flows right out.

Recently a friend of mine contacted me about doing such an illustration for him of the three loves of his life: His wife, his dog, and his Mazdaspeed3. Heath is the main force behind the MazdaMovement, which is a great social platform promoting Mazda’s small cars and bringing together enthusiasts from all over the web. Heath has a sexy blue Mazdaspeed3, and he wanted me to give it a little car-toon lovin’, along with caricatures of his wife and boston terrier in the car.

My photo reference:

Isn’t Mia cute? Gotta love Boston Terriers!

The next stage was a sketch, which I tightened up and scanned in to start my digital inking of.

I don’t usually ‘toon’ people, so this was a fun challenge. With my foray into pin-up art, however, I’ll be doing a lot more of it.

Here is the final artwork, showing Heath’s lovelies cruising in the Florida sunshine.


Stay tuned for more small car updates, as we’ve just purchased a new 2012 Ford Focus, and I plan on throwing up some posts about the modifications to our ‘anti-SUV’.

Thanks for looking!

– Kristina

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