Vector Car T-Shirt Art

Does the featured image look familiar? I’m sure it does, as it’s the 1957 Chevy that you see as you enter my website. It’s also featured in my portfolio as beginning it’s life on the 2010 Pinedorado Car Show T-Shirt. For some reason this illustration of mine is wildly popular, most likely because it’s of one of the most iconic American vehicles ever to hit the road. You can’t go to one cruise night, car show, cars-and-coffee, or ‘donut’ meet without seeing a shoebox Chevy.

As I got into cars in my high school years, I saw many of Greg Tedders clean, one and two car designs on the backs of show-goers, and came to love his style. Clean art that really lets the car or cars themselves shine through. I love auto art like this. Car t-shirts are a form of Auto-Worship, in my opinion they should take center stage in the design! Fortunately with this new design the ’57 got to be the prominent feature once again.

However this time I re-rendered it  as all vector art. The folks at Classic Collision fell in love with this car, and it turned out their shirt printer couldn’t use my typical Photoshop spot separations, so I decided to have fun with the bezier tool and do my best to emulate the original artwork. This is a 6 color design.

I also realized, while working on this design, how many other amazing cars I’ve ‘inked’ over the years and are sitting languid in dusty old digital files, hidden away from enthusiasts… well that’s going to change.

Please stay tuned to my site for an upcoming announcement offering bad-ass Automotive Clip Art by HotRodKristina.

If you can’t afford a full custom shirt, but you still want a killer design for your local cruise-in, you’ll be able to buy my artwork at a fraction of the price for download. I’ll be offering a mixture of vector and photoshop spot separations for you to use, along with a few tutorials on how to make them integrate into your designs in the most effective manner.

Edit: You can now purchase this 1957 Chevy Vector Car Clip art at

Once again, thanks for looking, and be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter if you’re FaceTwit inclined.

– Kristina

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